Deborah Premus

USDA Zone 6
Organically Grown: No
2324 S State Route 123
Lebanon, OH, 45036


Disabled heirloom gardener and seed saver with a Master's degree in Biological Sciences. Curator of several heirloom Russian tomatoes and other vegetables since 1991. Special interests: Accessible gardening with disabilities. Eastern European /Russian heirlooms, dwarf/compact tomatoes, dwarf and high-anthocyanin corn, blue potatoes, exotic beans, and food crops with a high nutritional content. My personal garden includes many E. European/Russian tomatoes and others which have tested high in nutritional studies, including many orange tomatoes which have tested high in the New Zealand tetra-cis-lycopene trials. Note: Seeds are grown organically, typically without any weed or pest deterrents other than thick mulch, diatomaceous earth, companion planting, and removal of weak plants. However, I've not checked the "organically grown" box because I reserve the option to consider all least toxic and environmentally responsible solutions in the case of an odd year. If you have any questions, please ask.

Order Instructions

SORRY, NO PERSONAL CHECKS. Limited quantities of some varieties. You are welcome to email me to inquire about availability prior to requesting. The price for large seeds such as corn, beans, squash, and cow peas is $6 for the first pack with standard pricing for each additional pack. This is to cover my cost for a protective 4 x 6 inch bubble envelope plus package rate shipping to prevent seeds from being damaged in transit. Paypal accepted. Seed trades welcome.


Southwest Ohio, Zone 6.

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Deborah's Seeds
Deborah's Seeds
Deborah's Seeds
Deborah's Seeds
Deborah's Seeds
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