Anna Ortman's Lettuce


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Available: Yes

Red butterhead. All leaves, including the heads, are heavily blushed with dark red. Forms a small but well-developed head. Blistered, undulating leaves. Good flavor, tender, slightly sweet, very little bitterness. Plants reached 5 tall and 9-12 wide in 2016 planting at Heritage Farm. Moderately bolt resistant. Black seed. Donated to SSE in 2005 by Cathy Irvine of Dysart, IA who received this variety from Anna Ortman, also of Dysart. Anna began growing this lettuce circa 1970 when it came to Iowa from California via the son of a friend of her mother's. Anna shared that her family's favorite way to eat it is the old fashioned way with a dash of salt, vinegar sugar & 1/2 & 1/2 cream. SSE Accession # 112519 Cathy Irvine, 2005