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Vegetables / The Cabbage Family (Brassicaceae) / Collard

Mild flavor. Some variability in leaf color ranges from green to dark green. Leaf texture varies from non-blistered to puckered. Leaf angle semi-prostrate to open. Plants want to form a head with inner leaves. Plants measure 1.7-2.3' tall and 2.0-2.7' in diameter. Largest leaves measure 1.3-2.0' long and 8-12 in diameter. This variety has been maintained by the Long family for three generations. It was developed in about the 1920s by Morris Long. His grandson, Joe Long of Nakina, North Carolina, continued to grow the variety and shared seeds with with Dr. John Morgan, a cultural geographer and professor of geography at Emory & Henry College, who was collecting heirloom collard strains for preservation on behalf of the USDA in 2006. Seed Savers Exchange requested this variety in 2016 from the USDA collection (G 32761). SSE Accession # 133015 USDA, 2016

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