Steve Strickler

USDA Zone 6
Organically Grown: No
1462 E Commander Ct
Bloomington, IN, 47401


I am an heirloom tomato afficianado for many years now, have participated in some tomato cross growouts & actually have 3 varieties I have created myself. I delight in the great variety of size, shape and colors of tomato fruits. In the last few years I have grafted all my tomato plants. I am now involved in giant tomato competitive growing & in 2017 set the state record for giant tomatoes in Indiana at 5.42 pounds. I have also started growing giant pumpkins & squash. My personal best for Dill’s Atlantic Giant Pumpkin is 1,468 pounds. I set the new state record for Giant Green Squash in 2018 at 1,035.5 pounds. Cell phone 812-345-3937. My heart was broken this year with the passing of my good friend Al Anderson (OH AN A) Prolific extremely enthusiastic lister of tomato varieties! I am sure many other people will miss him also.

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Southern Indiana

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