Morris Heading


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Iowa Member

Available: Yes

Dark green leaves with light green petioles. Inner leaves form a rosette with the ability to form a head in cold weather. Leaves semi-upright; semi-undulating; 17-20" long; 12-15" wide. Uniform. Plants reached 16-20" tall and 3-3.5" wide in 2016 planting at Heritage Farm. Variety forms nice well-developed heads. Taste is more earthy than sweet and has a strong aftertaste and slight bitterness. The 'Morris Heading' collard was developed in the 1920s by Elisha Morris and his son, R. Fairley Morris, of Maxton, North Carolina. This example of that historic variety was donated to Seed Savers Exchange in 2001 by Exchange lister Hal Bridges (GA BR H) of Midville, Georgia. He acquired seeds in 1992 from a local commercial source. SSE Accession # 107842

New Jersey Member

Available: Yes

65 days. This old favorite has smooth, dark-green leaves with light-green veins. Very slow to bolt. 18”-24” tall plants with loose, heavy heads on short stems. From E&R Seed.

Utah Member

Available: Yes

2'-2.5' tall, sweet-tasting after cold/frost leaves; these did not produce heads. From Nichols Garden Nursery 2012 seed.